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< NIFROCLIM kickoff meeting: Starting an interdisciplinary Sino-German project on permafrost biogeochemistry
01.07.2019 00:00 Alter: 4 yrs

The first joint field campaign

The first field campaign of NIFROCLIM was a summer campaign, taking place in July 2019 following the kickoff meeting. In this first campaign, the NIFROCLIM team combined its complementary expertise by investigating several ecosystems across topographic landscape gradients. This involved the quantification of soil organic carbon and nitrogen stocks, the characterization of soil organic matter quality, quantification of gross nitrogen turnover rates with stable isotope approaches and fully automated and manual measurements of biosphere-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases. After initially good weather conditions, heavy rainfalls, destruction of roads and flooding of the sites made the working conditions difficult, but further tightened the bonds between the members of the Sino-German field team.