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02.12.2022 10:06 Alter: 2 yrs

Alder root nodules

We saw the importance of alders in fueling permafrost nitrogen cycling (Ramm et al. 2022) – but which bacteria exactly are there in the root nodules in the alder forest of Mohe?

Alder (Alnus sp.) is commonly in symbiosis with N2-fixing Frankia bacteria. However, for the permafrost region, this has not been studied. Also, for the study of biological nitrogen fixation rates, it is important to know the presence of certain strains.

Hence, Heinz Rennenberg started a project with Emmanouil Flemetakis, Molcular Laboratory for genes involved in symbiotic nitrogen fixation (Agricultural University Athens), to isolate single strains from the alder root nodules from NE China sampled by Bin Hu.

Elisabeth Ramm was working with the Greek experts in the lab in Athens for ca. two months. Frankia spp. were growing. Meanwhile, their DNA is isolated and on its way to Hemholtz Munich for further molecular analysis.