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Soil nitrogen turnover and N₂O emissions in continuous permafrost landscapes of Northern China in a changing climate






Alder root nodules

We saw the importance of alders in fueling permafrost nitrogen cycling (Ramm et al. 2022) – but which bacteria exactly are there in the root nodules in the alder forest of Mohe? Alder (Alnus sp.) is commonly in symbiosis...[more]


Fire experiment on Disko Island

One of the most pressing research needs is the effect of arctic fires on the soil microbiome in permafrost soil as fires are increasing in the permafrost region due to climate change. Also concerning our study site in NE China, a...[more]


The second campaign in Mohe

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a field campaign at the Mohe permafrost site took place at the end of the growing season in 2020, supported by extraordinarily warm temperatures. Within the campaign, Prof. Liu was working on a...[more]


Mosses and lichens

Although the temperature in Mohe was below -20 °C in November 2019, mosses and lichens could still be found in the field. Some cyanobacteria associated to them potentially fix atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and thus increase nitrogen...[more]