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< Intensive GHG flux measurements at the Mohe sites
19.11.2019 08:42 Age: 4 yrs

A new cooperation with Prof. Heinz Rennenberg (Southwest University, Chongqing) introduces further highly acknowledged expertise to NIFROCLIM

In November 2019, Michael Dannenmann and his new PhD student in the project, Elisabeth Ramm, flew to Chongqing (China) together with Chunyan Liu to meet Heinz Rennenberg, the founding director of the recently established Center of Molecular Ecophysiology (CMEP). Heinz Rennenberg as well as his co-worker Bin Hu decided to join NIFROCLIM and with a focus on Biological Nitrogen Fixation by alder trees to bring in a new very important aspect of nitrogen inputs into boreal permafrost systems.