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01.10.2020 19:25 Age: 4 yrs

The second campaign in Mohe

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a field campaign at the Mohe permafrost site took place at the end of the growing season in 2020, supported by extraordinarily warm temperatures. Within the campaign, Prof. Liu was working on a vegetation map in the catchment scale using remote sensing methods including unmanned aerial vehicles.

Furthermore, mosses were sampled to be shipped to KIT in Germany to analyze biological nitrogen fixation rates using 15N tracing approaches.

For the first time, also cooperation partners from the Center of Molecular Ecophysiology (CMEP), Southwest University in Chongqing, China, went to the field sites near Mohe to sample litter and roots of N fixing alder trees.

Through this interdisciplinary work, a more and more complete picture of the N cycle in the study region in Northeast China is achieved.